The following figures were entered on a checking-account record. Add or subtract them to keep the running total correct. Balance forward $643.72 Check #5734 to Lupe's Market, for food, for $68.29 $ Deposit of $341.80, a paycheck $ Check #5735 to Broadmoor Community Center in the amount of $34.18 $ Check #5736 to Bill Baughman, for plumbing services, for $60.00 $

Accepted Solution

It is given  Balance forward $643.72 in the account.  An amount of $68.29 is given to to Lupe's Market, for food. In the account a Deposit of $341.80 is made.A Cheque of $34.18 is given to Broadmoor Community Center .Charge for for plumbing services, is $60.00 .Transactions made in the account = $643.72-68.29+341.80-34.18-60.00 Amount left in the account =$823.05.