what is the value of x in the equation is 4+6x=-3+7x​

Accepted Solution

Answer:x=1Step-by-step explanation:choose a side to get rid of so since its easier to take 6 away from seven we will do that but remember what you do to one side you have to do to the other so take away 6x from the left that leaves 0 your equation should look like this 4=-3+7x remember that we have to to it to the right side too so take 6x away from the 7x on the right side and that leaves 1x so it should look like this 4=-3+1x then since it's a -3 you will need to add 3 for it ton equal 0 so it will look like this 4=7x but dont for get to do the same to the other side so add 3 to the 4 on the left so it will look like this 7=7x then divide by 7 to get x by itself so it will look like this 7=x but you aren't done yet you still have to divide the left by 7 so it will look like this 1=x and thats all there is to it hope this helps